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The  main cold storage of medical cold storage under normal temperature  conditions can not be preserved in various types of pharmaceutical  products, drugs in the low-temperature refrigerated conditions without  deterioration, extend the shelf life of drugs, medical cold storage  temperature 2  ~ 8 degree, according to the need at -5  ~ 8 degree, free setting, medical cold storage is GFS certified with a  dedicated cold storage, microcomputer control system with temperature  digital display, automatic temperature and defrosting control.
Thermal insulation board introduction
   The  medical cold storehouse is made of rigid polyurethane thermal  insulation sandwich panel, which is made by a high-pressure foaming  process. The double-sided color steel plate adopts advanced eccentric  hooks and slotted hooks, The tight connection between, excellent sealing to minimize the air leakage, enhance the insulation effect. T-board, wall panels, angle plate combination cold storage in any space can be assembled. Scientific design, simple and practical, energy saving and environmental protection.
Temperature control system
Refrigeration  control system uses fully automatic microcomputer electrical control  technology, intelligent computer temperature control, high-precision  temperature sensor; library temperature within the range of +10 --20 degree.  free setting; automatic temperature and temperature, automatic switch,  without manual operation , Digital temperature display, to ensure the safety of the contents of the store.