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XHS "series of large-scale logistics cold storage to first-class quality,  perfect after-sales service and reasonable prices at home and abroad.  Large-scale cold storage with its flexibility and short construction  period, superior energy-saving effect, more and more users. The board is made of lacing foam, which has good air tightness and  heat insulation. The integrated body with good steel degree is the most  advanced in large-scale ultra-low temperature storage.

XHS large-scale logistics cold storage features:

1, the use of the most advanced refrigeration technology and insulation board manufacturing technology.

2, the perfect CAD engineering design, advanced production technology,  strict quality assurance management, ensure that products are checked  at every stage of production, so that the requirements of users become a  reality.

3, large-scale cold storage library thickness generally mining 100mm, 150mm, 200mm. Uses  the most advanced insulation material polyurethane core material  combination library, professional technology plus excellent material  selection, to ensure that the system is more reliable. According  to customer requirements, the interior and exterior of the library can  be made of rigid polyurethane thermal insulation sandwich panel made of  different materials such as color steel plate, stainless steel plate,  embossed aluminum plate and petrified steel plate. T-board,  wall panels, corner panels combination of cold storage in any space can  be assembled, but also made of various lengths, specifications, to meet  the different needs of users. Kuimen door lock equipped with a safety release device, even after the  library door lock can also be opened, effectively ensure the safety of  the operator.

4,  large cold storage refrigeration control system using automatic  microcomputer electrical control technology, intelligent computer  temperature control, high temperature and humidity sensor temperature  and humidity recorder (with alarm device); library temperature set free;  automatic temperature thermostat; automatic switch Machine,  without manual monitoring; digital temperature display, optional print  and save the data to ensure that the contents of the store kept safe. Gaoxiang  large-scale logistics cold storage remote low temperature monitoring,  remote alarm, data acquisition and transmission in a system,  feature-rich, cost-effective. Can also be in accordance with the requirements of customers, to facilitate the expansion.

5, the main components of large cold storage are imported  internationally renowned brands, which ensure that the cold storage  configuration is reasonable, stable operation, good insulation  properties, low energy consumption and superior quality.

6,  the size of a large cold storage, library temperature, unit placement,  the opening of the library, the layout of the library, etc., all of  these can be customized according to the specific requirements of users.  To meet the maximum extent from users